One of the best things about Shea butter is that you don’t really have to do anything to it in order to get the most out of its use. Plain and pure Shea rubbed right into the skin is all you really need. But that doesn’t mean it’s all you’ll ever want, right? Sometimes it’s fun to have product variety; body butter, scrubs, lip balm and hair masks are all product specialties that, let’s face it, can be really fun to buy and use. For the crafty and DIY inclined, the remedy for this is to make your own Shea butter themed skincare items. Here are some of the best:

Body butter: Yes, you can use plain Shea as a body butter, but it works just as well whipped with another oil or two to create a delicious, delectable cream that absorbs easily and leaves your skin feeling like silk. When making your own Shea body butter, the primary base for the formula can be Shea butter with other carrier oils like Coconut or Olive to round it out, but you won’t need more than a few Tablespoons of each. You also need to make sure that your Shea butter is very soft and pliable- it doesn’t have to be melted, just super easy to work with. To make, simply combine all your oils of choice in a mixing bowl and whip with a hand held mixer until light and fluffy.

Sugar scrub: When you want a seriously moisturized body that’s free from dead skin, make yourself a Shea butter sugar scrub. Mix equal parts (roughly, depending on your desired texture) softened African Shea and organic sugar in a mixing bowl along with any essential oils of your choice. Mix and mash until well incorporated and then simply transfer to your favorite jar. This scrub makes great gifts and is best used in the shower rather than in a bath. Extra luscious for rough spots like knees and elbows, this type of sugar scrub is the definition of a skincare treat.

Lip balm: This might be one of the easiest DIY things you can make with Shea butter. At its most simple level it’s just Shea butter and maybe a drop or so of a mild essential oil like Vanilla. Simply melt down over low heat, mix in your essential oil of choice and then pour and let set in cute little lip pots for personal use or gifting.