Healthy, happy skin is made up of happy, healthy cells, and one of the most important factors for skin cell health is the integrity of the cell membrane. Without a properly functioning cellular membrane, the intelligence of the cell is compromised, and things can start to go awry. By giving our cells proper nutrition through the use of things like shea butter skincare, we maintain the intelligent structure of our cell membranes and the beauty and health of our skin can live on.

You can think of the cellular membrane as the brain of the cell; without it, things don’t go so well! A crucial component of this cellular membrane function is deciding what goes in and out of the cell- this includes the taking in of nutrients and expulsion of cellular waste products. When this ability is compromised due to poor skin nutrition and maintenance, the cell is no longer able to do its job correctly, the membrane becomes too permeable and the very texture of your skin suffers. In fact, the cell’s ability to discriminate between what is a safe nutrient versus a harmful foreign invader is diminished.

One of the most crucial components of a healthy cellular membrane are fats, specifically essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids. Raw African shea butter contains both of these skin softening essential fatty acids that keep the membranes of our cells at their correct level of flexibility.

Think of how soft your skin feels when you apply a deeply moisturizing oil to it, versus how brittle it feels when it’s dehydrated. That brittle feeling is basically how your cells are feeling! By applying EFA rich African shea butter to your skin, you successfully nourish and protect your cells, keeping their membranes fluid, flexible and fabulous, which translates into skin that is radiant, elastic and clear.

You can nourish your skin and the cells that build it by using shea butter skincare that contains a full spectrum of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. All of these substances, and specifically the oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids, contribute to keeping your cell membranes happy, healthy, and properly functioning. Enjoy skin that is soft, juicy and glowing by thoughtfully restoring and maintaining the health of your cellular membranes through quick, easy and effective daily use of raw African shea butter.