To claim you have a one of a kind product in this day and age is to really say a lot. After all, it’s almost impossible that you’re the only one selling a certain kind of product. So what exactly makes a particular product in a less than empty marketplace stand apart from the crowd? What substantiates a truly authentic product guarantee, and what are the things to look out for when choosing what kind of skincare to buy? In the case of stretch mark creams, the answers to these questions are actually quite simple.

One of the reasons that our stretch mark cream stands out is because of the quality of ingredients used. This may sound simple, but it actually makes quite a significant difference in the overall product efficacy. Sub par ingredients are not able to fully do their job and instead just end up taking up space without actually delivering the fullest of their potential to your skin. This is why we use 100% raw and wildcrafted Shea butter, why our cocoa butter is organic, and why we chose the various other healing plant lipids and extracts that we did. Quality matters, and you will be able to tell the difference.

Another factor that sets our stretch mark cream apart from the rest is the ingredient synergy. While each individual ingredient is beneficial on its own, they are all much more powerful when used in combination with each other. You could use Shea butter alone, or you could use it in combination with other proven and fantastically effective ingredients to really boost your chances for success. And not only are the ingredients great for softening and smoothing- they also are anti aging and help prompt the skin to better repair itself, produce more collagen and stay elastic.

Additionally, our stretch mark cream can be used at any time: before stretch marks occur, after you’ve had them for years, etc. It is also completely safe to use during pregnancy since it contains no known irritating or otherwise potentially dangerous ingredients. The same goes for skin sensitivity; our formula contains no harsh, stripping ingredients and thus will only leave your skin feeling plump, hydrated, soft and soothed.

There are many different products to choose from and knowing which to choose can become overwhelming. While the ultimate choice is up to you, these are the things that set 24Karite Gold apart: ingredient integrity, superior product formulation and synergy, ease and flexibility of use as well as safety.