The soul of 24Karite Gold is our Raw Unfiltered Wildcrafted Shea Butter.  Shea Butter in its raw, unfiltered state is an unbelievably lavish and curative treatment.  When that Shea Butter is also wildcrafted, (as ours is) the benefits of this remarkable and sensuous balm are exponentially increased.

Wildcrafting, also called wildharvesting, is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, for food, medicinal, or other purposes.  Essentially, wildcrafting means that the plants used taken from nature and not from farms.  This means these plants are totally non-GMO, non-industrialized and organic. Lastly, wildcrafting means that the benefit of a plant’s medicinal components skyrockets.  

Wildcrafted plants are astonishingly more powerful than commercially-grown plants.  Wildcrafted plants are superior because they have been fortified by Mother Nature.  Farmed plants, even organically farmed plants, are nurtured for crop yield.  They develop healthy fruit, but never become quite as vibrant or hearty as a plant formed in the wild. A wild plant has the work hard to survive, and so develops a stronger, more powerful storehouse of nutrients.  This is why wildcrafted products are so spectacularly potent.

Shea Butter from 24Karite Gold is wildharvested from the Karite trees in Burkina Faso.  In the West African country of Burkina Faso, Karite trees grow naturally in abundance.  The trees are strong, healthy and full of healing power.  Nothing artificial is used to make the trees sustain, they survive by their own plant intelligence.  The Shea nuts the trees drop when they are ready are quickly harvested by hand using non-damaging techniques.

As a result 24Karite Gold Shea Butter is outstandingly reparative.  Our Shea Butter is so magical that it erases wrinkles, heals eczema and dermatitis, keeps hair soft, prevents stretch marks, softens calluses, heals and prevents skin cracks, lightens scars, reduces sunburn and even helps insect bites from itching!  Raw Shea Butter is a truly miraculous healing agent, but 24Karite Gold Wildcrafted Raw Shea Butter contains the unbelievable plant intelligence of the Karite Trees in Burkina Faso.  It is a premium beauty and therapeutic treatment!