Under eye circles are one of the most common beauty complaint and they can also be the most misunderstood. Part of this stems from the fact that they are not always there simply because you need more sleep. Sometimes they’re an indication of dehydration, and in this case, raw African shea butter is the perfect under eye circle hydrating balm to banish the dark and bring brightness back into your eye area.

High quality shea butter skincare that targets the minimization of under eye circles is optimal because under eye circles are very often signs that your skin is in desperate need of hydration and moisture. As the skin becomes more and more parched, the eye area gets darker and darker, often on the top of the lid as well as the under eye area. The key in this situation is to deliver as much healing and restorative moisture and hydration as possible. And this is where shea butter skin care comes in.

Pure, high quality raw African shea butter is rich with moisture delivering essential fatty acids and vitamins that transform a dark and dehydrated under eye area into one that is bright, fresh, even-toned and healthy. No cover up needed. Essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids lubricate your cells and banish dryness and discoloration, while the prolific amount of vitamin E helps to repair any damage and restore elasticity to your tissues. The result is skin that becomes happy, healthy, and nourished, instead of thin, discolored and sad.

If you’re not sure where your dark circles come from, do a little bit of experimentation. Maybe you’ll discover that it was in fact a food allergy, or maybe you just needed to get more sleep on a regular basis. Or you might just find that a little bit of moisture and care was all your precious face needed to bounce back from the dark.

True and effective shea butter skincare is easy to use and delivers tangible results, and what could be easier than putting on a little bit of shea butter every day? To keep your eye area hydrated and potentially dark circle and discoloration free, try our raw Shea butter gently rubbed in the under-eye area morning and night. Your skin will become soft, nourished, and hydrated- as it should be.