Did you know that some of the best skin regeneration happens at night? Typically heavier than a day cream, and with the aim of taking advantage of the restoration that happens during sleep, night creams usually have more active ingredients and heavier moisturizing compounds than day creams. While using a high quality night cream is a great anti aging strategy, the perfect upgrade to this common practice is to simply replace the night cream with pure raw African shea butter.  

Because raw African shea butter is extremely high in deep healing and therapeutic botanical compounds that help to rebuild and repair the skin on a deep and long lasting level, using it as a night cream is the perfect way to capitalize on the natural renewal and repair that your skin receives at night. Part of adopting a high end healing strategy for your skin is taking advantage of the natural rhythms of your body and the botanical intelligence of nature. By using shea butter at night, you effectively capitalize on the natural tendency of your body to renew itself while more effectively utilizing the healing properties in raw shea butter.

While you sleep, the high percentage of oleic acid found in shea butter delivers optimum hydration and moisture into your skin, allowing it to stay plump and smooth. Linoleic acid nourishes your cell membranes, keeping them flexible and intelligent so that your skin functions optimally. The vitamin A in shea butter encourages and speeds up cell turnover, promotes skin cell regeneration, and keeps your skins texture smooth and complexion bright, while vitamin E fights free radicals and keeps the skin young, moisturized and supple. This brilliant botanical marriage of multidimensional anti aging and restorative compounds creates the perfect nighttime anti aging shea butter skincare.

Evening is such an easy time to take advantage of this plethora of skin healing abundance. Through this very simple, yet smart and strategic use of shea butter, you boost your anti aging and skin regenerative efforts onto a high end healing level. Wrinkles, burns, rashes and dryness can all benefit significantly from your nightly use of Grade A Shea. You can even get creative and add a couple drops of your favorite carrier or essential oil for some extra skin healing love. Either way, your skin will finally be getting the treatment it needs to take your high end healing efforts up a notch.