One of the most extensively researched and scientifically backed substances for thorough healing and regeneration of the skin is vitamin A. Many people receive prescriptions for synthetic vitamin A from their doctor or dermatologist to treat a myriad of skin conditions ranging from acne to skin pigmentation and psoriasis. However, many people also experience skin irritation as a result of this synthetic form of vitamin A, especially when it comes to photo-sensitivity.

Raw African shea butter contains naturally occurring vitamin A and this vitamin A is synergistically combined and balanced with other naturally occurring vitamins and fatty acids within the shea butter to create a vitamin A rich healing balm, without the accompanying irritations to the skin.

Vitamin A is central to healthy, balanced and even-toned skin. It is an extremely rejuvenative substance that increases and maintains healthy skin cell turnover, which in turn prevents the skin from becoming clogged and dull. It is found in foods such as liver and butter, as well as botanicals such as sea fennel and shea butter. Rough, scaly skin, acne, and other skin irritations such as eczema are all potential signs of a vitamin A deficiency within the skin.

The vitamin A found in raw shea butter is in its full, natural, bioavailable form which makes it easily absorbed and processed by the skin. Its presence and effectiveness is further complimented and balanced by the presence of the other vitamins and moisturizing essential fatty acids found in the butter. It is important to note that when looking for a shea butter to help with skin problems that benefit from vitamin A, you must use a shea butter that is raw and as unadulterated as possible. The introduction of bleaching and deodorizing agents, as well as the further refinement of the butter, removes many of the exact healing agents we want in the first place, and that includes vitamin A.

Daily use of raw, vitamin A rich African shea butter is an easy, fun and effective way to help heal the skin of uncomfortable imbalances and irritations like dryness and flaking. It goes on easy, and can be used daily. The beautiful medley of naturally occurring healing agents such as oleic and linoleic acids and vitamin E further serve to heal the skin and work together with the vitamin A to bring balance and harmony to an over-worked, sad, and thirsty dermis.