Most products have an expiration date, whether they’re in the skincare category or not. It’s typically the most basic thing that consumers are aware of when purchasing and using any given product since using an expired product can turn out to be a rather unpleasant experience. Thankfully, raw Shea butter is an exceptionally stable substance and as long as you take a few certain precautions to prevent it from going off, the printed expiration date on your jar is really just there for quality control. So, what are the habits and actions you need to stay away from in order to preserve the shelf life and product integrity of your Shea butter?

Keep it out of water. Seriously, if you only follow one principle for keeping your Shea butter in tiptop shape and funkiness free, let it be this one. Simple practices like putting the lid back on after you are done using it and storing your container in a cool dry place can make a world of difference when it comes to ensuring that water stays out of your Shea butter. Remember, stagnant water ends up breeding life, and do you really want stuff to start growing in your Shea? Probably not! So keep that stagnant water away.

Keep the light out. Even though Shea butter has a chemistry that makes it a very stable plant butter, it is a plant butter nonetheless. And botanical oils and butters are light sensitive. This is why we package our Shea butter in amber glass and UV protective aluminum: they keep the light out! When plant oils are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time the air and light speed along the process of oxidation within the oil, which in turn makes it go rancid. And you really do not want to be putting rancid oil on your skin. Not only does it usually feel and smell different, but it no longer has the same beneficial effects on the skin! So, if you want your Shea butter to last and actually be worth the time you take to use it, keep it out of direct sunlight. These two “what not to do’s” seem pretty easy, right? Well, they are! Basically just keep that lid on and the sunshine at bay and you should have stable, intact and fantastically fun to use Shea butter at your disposal. It’s a simple yet effective strategy for a simple yet effective skincare product.