For many people cellulite is one of the hardest skin complaints to deal with. They feel like they’re at a dead end and that they’ll never be able to have smooth thighs and hips again. They stay away from shorts and swim suits, the sun and fun for fear others will see and they’ll feel embarrassed. That’s no way to live! While we can’t promise a cure and different people find different things that work for them, it can help to know the different causes of cellulite. Where does it come from? Why do people get it? And what are some of the things that can potentially help?

One of the reasons for cellulite is lack of collagen protein integrity in the affected area. The dimpled, mottled and irregular appearance of cellulite is a sign that the connective tissue in that area is damaged or otherwise needs some help repairing, rebuilding and getting back into its healthy, elastic state. When someone suspects this to be a factor in their cellulite they usually turn to skincare ingredients like MSM and plant peptides, as well as foods like bone broth.

Like many other things, a propensity towards cellulite can also be genetic. In this case it’s hard to say if any one or combination of things could affect that, but what it doesn’t hurt to do if you do feel like you have a propensity for developing cellulite is to do things to try and prevent it from occurring. This could be as simple as choosing to stay hydrated and exercise often, use a body lotion that contains MSM, or adopt a dry brushing practice.Another reason for cellulite is stagnant lymph flow, and this can go hand in hand with the compromised connective tissue structure mentioned previously. A lot of the time when people think that their cellulite is a product of this they do things like massage, rebounding and dry skin brushing in an attempt to get their lymphatic system moving through that area the way they want it to. They also typically go for skincare ingredients like caffeine since it can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation.

Though frustrating and a little confusing at times, knowing the different sources of cellulite can help you feel more empowered and in control. Try different things, be patient and focus on taking care of yourself, even if your cellulite doesn’t completely disappear. Life’s too short to spend it worrying about a couple dimples.