Do you know where we source our Shea butter from? While you’d be right to assume that we get it from Africa, we’ve taken extra care to ensure that we source our Shea butter from the most ethical, sustainable and high quality source possible. After all, what’s the point in using a low quality Shea butter from a source that is less than optimal for all involved? We are proud to get our Shea butter from a fantastic fair trade women’s cooperative located in Ghana, West Africa where the Shea is as good as the project it comes from.

Every batch of Shea butter begins as a Shea nut that is traditionally harvested by the women of the co-op. The nuts are then ground into a paste and gently melted. The resulting mixture is then strained to remove any physical debris from the Shea butter. It is never treated with any chemicals, bleaches or deodorizers and is never refined or altered in color. This results in a superb and high quality raw Shea butter that still has all of its healing components in tact and primed to heal your skin.

Before being a part of the cooperative, many of the women employed had to resort to hard physical labor in order to supplement their income growing subsistence crops. Now, for the first time they are able to be financially stable, have more control over their own future and send their children to school. Additionally, the Shea trees are viewed as a community resource as opposed to personal or corporate property that can be owned and/or destroyed. This protects the Shea trees that are an integral part of the eco system there and help prevent topsoil erosion that leads to desertification. The result is a circle of abundance that starts with the Shea trees and ends with you.

Our Shea butter is abundant in all facets, beginning with its harvest, going on to the sustainable work and compensation given to the women who process it, and finally ending with you and the plethora of skin healing substances you get to benefit from with every application. In this way, everyone wins. And in the process the most fantastic, high quality Shea butter is produced. By choosing 24Karite Gold, you are helping to facilitate the prosperity and abundance in the community we source from, all while giving yourself the gift of healthy, glowing and wondrously soft skin.