Cellulite is one of the most difficult beauty complaints to get rid of. Some people live their whole lives with it as they are met with disappointment at every attempt to try and heal the structure of their skin and return it to a state of smooth and firm health. It is with this struggle in mind that we crafted our Smooth Body Cellulite Cream and chose to only include ingredients that heal and repair the tissue structure of the skin for good. And one of those ingredients is MSM.

MSM is a naturally occurring organic sulfur compound that is already present in the body. It is most concentrated in the hair, nails, skin and connective tissues but is found throughout the entire body. One of the most important functions that MSM plays in the body is rebuilding damaged tissue. It does this seamlessly and an absence or decline in the amount of MSM present in the body results in everything from compromised dermal structure to joint pain and brittle hair.

It is due to its absolute necessity in creating healthy and elastic tissue that we included it in our cellulite cream. See, cellulite is the combined result of stagnant lymphatic flow and suboptimal dermal structure. When the lymph is not properly carrying out toxins and the cellular structure of collagen and elastic is sub par the skin dimples, sags and pockets. MSM’s job is to go into the compromised cellular structure and rebuild it so it is even, smooth, elastic and firm.

Another benefit of using MSM topically for cellulite is that not only does it repair the damaged and dimpled tissue, it also repairs and strengthens the skin it is applied to and adds an element to Shea butter skincare that would otherwise be lacking. While Shea butter also helps to rebuild and soothe damaged tissue, it is by a different method than MSM since MSM is literally one of the biological building blocks for healthy, smooth and properly structured skin and connective tissue.

MSM is the kind of ingredient that your skin knows exactly how to use—and wastes no time in doing so. Included in our Shea butter based Smooth Body Cellulite Cream, it not only rebuilds and corrects improper skin structure, it also drives home the other active ingredients and makes them more effective. It is, as you can see, a cellulite correcting essential.