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Shea butter comes from the African shea tree.  The fat of the nut is processed to make butter, which is heralded around the world for its many different benefits to users. While widely known as one of nature’s richest moisturizers, some of shea butter’s lesser-known benefits include the fact that it contains antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, and has healing qualities.  Antioxidants Shea butter contains several natural antioxidants including Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and catechins (the same antioxidant found in green tea). A 2009 study has even shown that shea butter helps reduce the effects of UV radiation on the skin. These antioxidants are good for the improving the overall condition of your skin.  Anti-inflammatory Shea butter contains several derivatives of cinnamic acid.  This...

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Lotions, oil, and creams are a standard part of most women’s (and many men’s) daily skin care routine.  However, many people are uncertain as to what distinguishes one from other.  In this article we will consider the differences between the three products.  The main differences between lotions, oils, and creams have to do with strength, ingredients, consistency, and staying power. At the top of the strength meter are oils and creams. Creams are the second strongest choice, and are actually mostly oil-based.The strength of a moisturizing product depends largely on its major ingredient. Oils and creams are generally oil-based while lotions are water-based. Oils and creams are the best choice for people who need intense amounts of moisture and do...

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