Anyone who has suffered from acne understands how severe acne scarring can be. Many people who suffer from acne end up with acne scars as they get older, which can have negative effects on their self esteem. While there are many products on the market that claim to help acne scarring, many are not as effective as they claim, nor are their ingredients natural. At 24K Shea, our shea butter can help to smooth out damaged skin, including skin with acne scars. In fact, using shea butter can have a number of benefits for your skin aside from potentially fading or plumping any acne scars. Though you may never be able to completely eliminate the scars on your face, especially if they are deep ice pick type scars, shea butter can still help your skin look and feel more soft, even and acne free.  

Using Shea Butter for Acne Scars

Shea butter has long been used as a soothing moisturizer for the skin. In fact, some medicinal ointments use shea butter as the main ingredient! Shea butter has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce the inflammation that accompanies, and sometimes even causes, acne in the first place. Acne scarring occurs in nearly 95% of people with acne. Unfortunately, acne scarring can have a number of negative effects, especially in young people, that include self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Luckily, shea butter has been shown to benefit skin damaged from acne scarring by soothing and protecting the skin, as well as encouraging the production of collagen. While acne scarring is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get rid of entirely, shea butter can help make the scars less noticeable. Shea butter will also help moisturize and protect dry skin, so if you are using prescription products for acne or acne scarring that dry out your face, shea butter can help keep your skin soft and beautiful.

Our Raw Shea Butter

Not all shea butter products are created equal. Some shea butter companies sell a lower quality or highly processed shea butter in order to save money, but these shea butter products won't provide the same benefits as 24K Shea. This is because our shea butter is raw, wildcrafted and unrefined, making it the highest quality shea on the market. We work with a women's cooperative in Ghana, Africa to source our raw and unrefined shea butter. This project provides these women with the amount of money they need for their families, including money for education. Before, they would have had to resort to backbreaking labor, like tilling fields and growing crops like millet and groundnuts for measly pay. We're proud to be apart of this project that supports a vibrant, fair trade community while also providing our customers with the best shea butter around.

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