While both shea butter and coconut oil have beneficial properties for skin care, shea butter has some advantages that coconut oil does not. In fact, while shea butter can be used for a variety of issues, coconut oil can make certain issues worse due to its oily nature. While we may be biased here at 24Karite Gold, we truly believe that shea butter is superior to coconut oil, even though the two go great together. Before you peruse our online store, let us share some of the pros and cons of both coconut oil and shea butter so you can make an informed decision about which of these products to use, or if you should use both!

Shea Butter vs Coconut Oil: Pros and Cons

As mentioned before, both shea butter and coconut oil have their advantages, but the advantages for each vary. Let's begin with shea butter, since that's what we know best. Shea butter is a fat that comes from the seed of the Shea tree. Through a careful yet extensive preparation process, the seeds are ground up, melted over low heat and then strained so the shells and any other debris are filtered out. What's left is smooth, luscious and pure raw shea butter. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to greatly benefit skin, especially dry or damaged skin. In fact, shea butter is often used as the base ingredient in sunblock or tanning lotions to further protect skin from damaging UV rays given off by the sun. Unless you are allergic to shea butter (which is very rare), it can help prevent further damage and heal skin that has already been damaged. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is much easier to extract and, therefore, it is often easier to find high-quality coconut oil products. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer that can help prevent moisture from leaving your skin, although it isn't nearly as effective as heavier oils like olive oil. The only drawback to coconut oil is that it can clog your pores. If you suffer from acne, this can actually cause it to get worse rather than cure it. In short, both coconut oil and shea butter have their advantages, however, if you suffer from acne, the latter is your best option for healthier skin.

Our Shea Butter

At 24K Shea, we work with a women's cooperative in Ghana, Africa to get our raw, unrefined shea butter. Their process of producing shea butter is extensive and requires a number of steps before it is finally ready for use. Our partnership with this women's cooperative has also allowed these women to provide for their families, including education. Without the cooperative, they would have to resort to hard labor for much less pay.

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